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Why choose Elite Football as your pathway to pro clubs?

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the Elite TEAM

At Elite Football, we take pride in offering authentic pathways for aspiring footballers, both male and female, aged thirteen to twenty-three. We provide direct opportunities to showcase their talents at some of the top clubs in Spain, Portugal, and Argentina, helping them significantly develop their game and potentially pave the way for a career in professional football.


Our primary goal is to represent talented amateur players worldwide and facilitate their transition in to the pro scene via contracts/scholarships with our Representation program. We also welcome players who simply want to enhance their skills to join our Development program and benefit from the experience of training at a high level and traveling internationally.


In addition to these opportunities, players who join our program are supported by a dedicated team of over seven professionals, including agents, administrators, media specialists, and more. This team works tirelessly to assist with every step of the player’s journey, ensuring a comprehensive and supportive environment for their success.

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Alan Deriard

EXPERIENCE: Former 3rd division 

football player (Spain), 5+ Years agent experience, 10+ amateur players signed to pro clubs


EXPERIENCE: Former A league player, Represented Australia, UEFA 'A' tactical analyst, UEFA 'PRO' tactical analyst, Football Psychology cert, More.

"Like many young athletes, I dreamed of a professional football career and was captivated by the prospect of playing overseas. So, when an 'opportunity' arose to play abroad, I seized it without hesitation—only to discover it was a classic ‘overseas academy scam.’ At the time, I was unaware of the deceptive ‘academies’ and ‘scouts’ preying on excited players and their families, a common plague in the football world.


Turning this negative experience into a positive, I sought new connections in Europe, which led me to play at a semi-professional level in Spain. Through this journey, I realized that my path wasn’t in playing football but in leveraging the relationships we had built. I was driven by a passion to offer real pathways for aspiring players, ensuring they wouldn’t fall victim to the same pitfalls I encountered. Instead, they would have the opportunity to chase their dreams on their own merits or at least know they gave it their best shot. This is why I created Elite Football.

Since then, Elite Football has grown significantly. We are now partnered with over 25 of the biggest professional clubs in Europe, creating genuine opportunities for players. We've successfully signed more than 10 amateur players to professional contracts or scholarships. Our commitment to real, impactful pathways has transformed the dreams of many young athletes into reality, setting them on the path to success in the football world."

"After a disappointing experience when I sent my son Alan for 'trials' in Spain, where we were misled by an academy, we founded Elite Football. This experience was eye-opening and led us to be very cautious about whom we partner with. It's also why we have a strong preference for working directly with clubs rather than academies, ensuring a more transparent and fruitful pathway for our players.


With over 20 years of experience in the football world, our network and contacts in Europe are unmatched, allowing us to find a suitable club for every player at Elite Football. While we can't guarantee every player will be selected, we ensure they get the chance to be seen by the right people. The rest, however, is up to them.


This journey has taught us the importance of trust and honesty in the football industry. Our mission is to prevent other families from experiencing the pitfalls we encountered and to provide a supportive environment where players can truly flourish. At Elite Football, we’re committed to nurturing talent with integrity, offering guidance, and opening doors to opportunities that can transform the lives of young athletes. This approach has not only set us apart but also solidified our reputation as a beacon of reliability and success in connecting aspiring players with their dream clubs."

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