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Why choose Elite Football as your pathway to pro clubs?

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the Elite TEAM

At Elite Football we pride ourselves in being able to provide authentic pathways for Aspiring footballers both male and female between the ages of thirteen and twenty-three and directly giving them the opportunity to trial in some of the highest quality clubs in Spain, Portugal and Argentina. Therefore, helping develop their game substantially and potentially creating a pathway to a career in professional football.


While our main objective is to represent talented players across the globe and send them overseas for football trials we also encourage players that just want to improve their game to also take part in our program and take advantage of the experience and the benefits that travelling overseas and training at a high level can provide.

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Alan Deriard

QUALIFICATIONS: Former 3rd division 

football player (Spain), FIFA Agent, Diploma of Business. 


QUALIFICATIONS: Former A league player, Represented Australia, UEFA 'A' tactical analyst, UEFA 'PRO' tactical analyst, Football Psychology cert, More.

“As most youngsters dream of a professional football journey, I too had the desire for a career as a professional athlete. Therefore, when the time came for an ‘opportunity’ to play overseas I jumped on it, only later to realise I was promised the world and was handed a classic ‘overseas academy scam’. Oblivious at the time of the vicious “academies” and ‘scouts’ that prey on misinformed parents and overly excited players that unfortunately plague the football world. 


I decided to turn a negative in to a positive and explored new connections in Europe. Which subsequently lead to me playing at a semi-pro level in Spain. Once I discovered the various personal reasons why I didn’t want to continue pursuing a pathway as a footballer, I focused more on the relations we had made in the process. Therefore, with the passion of providing real pathways for aspiring players so that they don’t have to go through my unfortunate events but instead have the opportunity to realise their dreams by their own merit or at least live with the consolation of having had attempted their best, Elite Football was created.”

“As a parent I had a bad experience sending my son (Alan) for ‘Trials’ in Spain. As a result, I was scammed through an Academy. Thats why we created Elite Football. Because of this experience today, we are very skeptical with who we choose to work with and one of the many reasons we don’t like sending players to academies and work predominantly with clubs directly.


With 20+ years experience in the football world our contacts and network we currently have is second to none in Australia allowing us the virtue of being able to find a club suited for every Elite Football player. This doesn’t guarantee selection but the opportunity for an aspiring player to be seen by the right people, the rest is up to you.”

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