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What's Included:




  • Certified football CV (resume) - We will make you a CV that's certified by one of our agents for you/us to use whilst representation is active.


  • Yearly Representation with the Elite Team - This one-off payment is yearly based meaning we will provide you with representation for 1 FULL year.


  • Highlight video promoted on our social media - We will walk you through what is needed in your highlight video i.e. what the scouts of Europe look for and upload it to our socials to promote you not only to our partners but also our followers.


  • Guarantees at least one trial offer per year in Europe (or your money back) *Amateur players only*  - We are confident in our capacity to aquire at least one trial offering to each player however if we are unsuccessful in doing so you may request a FULL refund should you wish to do so. 


  • Free admittance to all football events held by Elite Football - Every active Elite Football player will have free access to any event held by Elite Football.


  • 1x Elite Football kit - Every player will be sent an official Elite Football Jersey and shorts to keep.


  • Exposure to all our current partnered clubs - Our partners are constantly changing and growing as we develop new and better relationships. As an Elite Football player you will be shown to our full array of partners.


  • Flights included - We will organise and pay for your to/return flights.


  • Succesful in obtaining a pro contract or scholarship? - Get a FULL refund! YOUR success is OUR success!




Each player will have a dedicated education consultant who will:


  • Take the player through a Kickstarter Call - to get to know them and their education goals.


  • Conduct detailed tailored research - on the player's behalf to discover the study options that suit the player best.


  • Take the player through a 1-1.5hr Compass Consult - to discuss the options and work with the player to develop a full education plan. The plan will cover scholarships, application support, strategies to maintain access to Australian government tuition fee assistance and much more.


  • Catch-up with the player every 3 months - after the initial Compass Consult, to answer any questions about study or to alter the education plan, if need be.


  • Assist the player in obtaining a student visa - *should that be required to stay overseas for longer than 3 months.*




Each player will have a designated personal online coach that will:

  • Conduct a 12 week preparation program before trialing overseas


  • Personalised sport specific training 

  • Weekly check ins via zoom 


  • Periodisation based on football season


  • Nutritional guidance & macro setting

  • 12 week check ins (example, photos & measurements. As well as weight tracking)

  • Form checks & access to a elite training group

Premium Player Representation

  • Please note:

    NO REFUNDS - *Unless The Elite Team fails to offer at least 1 trial opportunity within the subscription period.* (Amateur players ONLY)

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