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Ali jan Noorzai

Player Representation Testimonial


We are absolutely thrilled to share some incredible news about our talented player, Ali Jan Noorzai! 🌟 After joining Elite Football Agency for player representation, Ali's career has taken an extraordinary turn!

🚀 Ali's story is truly one for the books! When he signed up with Elite Football, We crafted a tailored pathway for him to trial at 3 different overseas clubs over a 6 month period - an exciting opportunity for any player. But little did we know that Ali's talent would take him to greater heights!

🌏 Today, we couldn't be prouder to announce that he has been OFFERED a prestigious 1-year scholarship contract with the renowned professional 1st division Spanish club, CD Leganes! 🇪🇸⚽️

🌟 In a jaw-dropping twist, after ONLY ONE MONTH, Ali Jan emerged as the BEST player at the clubs yearly draft! 🏆🔝His outstanding skills, dedication, nobility and passion for the game impressed the coaching staff, and they wasted no time in offering him this life-changing scholarship contract with CD Leganes.

🙌 This success is a testament to Ali Jan's unwavering commitment and the expertise of our team here at Elite Football Agency. We believe in our players and work tirelessly to place them in the best position for success, and Ali's incredible achievement is a reflection of that dedication.

🎉 Join us in celebrating Ali's triumph! 🎊 His story is an inspiration to every aspiring player out there - dreams DO come true with hard work, determination, and the right guidance.

👏 Congratulations to Ali Jan, and thank you to CD Leganes for recognising his exceptional talent!

Ali jan Noorzai
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